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Desi Chana

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  • Desi Chana

“Desi” chickpea is smaller, light to dark brown, with a thick, rough, seed coat. It is mainly grown in India, East Africa, Mexico, and Iran. ... The dark seed coat is usually removed, then the seed is split in half to produce 'Chana Dahl', Chana Dal, or Bengal gram, also known as split desi-chickpea or yellow gram

The word ‘Desi‘ means ‘country‘ or ‘local‘ in Hindustani.

About 80% of the Desi Chickpeas produced make Chana Dal, and 80% of this split form are ground into a chickpea flour also called Besan. Chickpea flour is also called farina di ceci’ or Ceci flour. The French call it ‘farine de pois chiches’.

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